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Dine-At-Home One Month Challenge

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[Oct. 16th, 2005|11:31 am]
Dine-At-Home One Month Challenge


We know going into our month that our anniversary, the 14th (albeit, not "the" anniversary, but we acknowledge the passing of the date) would be a day where we would celebrate of some sort, with drinks or food. We chose a food we could not easily or cheaply prepare ourselves (chinese, mainly because I want it so infrequently there is no point in buying the materials only to waste them) and from a place with no MSG in usage. Let me tell you about the chinese.

It was, first off, one of the BEST orange chicken dishes I've had. R. got moo goo gai pan and it too, was yummy.

I ate less than a 1/4 of mine and was STUFFED, uncomfortably. R. ate about the same. We both slept like the dead, and woke up groggy.

I lived on the toilet the next morning, and not to waste money or consumables, I brought just the orange chicken and rice to R. to share with her on her lunch hour.

I lived on the toilet in Target for almost 30 minutes.

We still have 3/4 of her moo goo gai pan left. I cannot resign myself to eating it.

Last night, we made grilled-stuffed burritos, my favorite Taco Bell food. Using flour tortillas, we stuffed them with:

- vegetarian refried beans, seasoned with sauteed diced yellow and green onions and this mix of taco seasonings I have concocted
- saffron rice
- a cheese sauce like TB's, with light sour cream, light cream cheese, and mozzarella, whirlled in the food processor, then mixed with salsa and dices tomatoes
- shredded cheddar

Roll 'em, toss them on the Foreman grill until the tortilla gets brown and crunchy, and enjoy.


[User Picture]From: siraj
2011-06-12 05:14 am (UTC)
... Those burritos sound DELICIOUS! Note to self, when getting home, try these! I wonder how it'd work out with grilled chicken...
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